What This Site Is About

Welcome to connections101.info, hopefully the home of the simple guide to a Connections install.  My name is Gab Davis, I’m an IBM Champion and a designer and builder of systems working for The Turtle Partnership in the UK.  (here’s my blog).  It’s been a fair while since Paul Mooney and I built Connections101.net so long that the site and the users of it have been waiting patiently for an update.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen as quickly as we hoped and Paul has moved on to other technical projects. So I’m starting over this time pretty much by myself (or am I?) , we’re on Connections 5 CR2 and with 5.5 due fairly soon, it seems like a great time to start over.  Using a shiny new location (and hostname)

The purpose of this site remains the same as the purpose of the previous one to take people from non-WebSphere and non-Connections backgrounds through an install of a Connections lab environment.  Being  an engineer and a trainer, I love to write and to present so that’s what I’m hoping to do here. This isn’t intended to be complicated, it’s not intended to cover all possible options, it is intended to teach you enough to get you started.

There are a lot of moving parts in Connections so I’m going to begin at the beginning building a production-ready small Connections environment from nothing, and documenting the whole process over a series of posts.  Hopefully following along will give you enough of a comfort level to start your own build.  The servers will be a mix of Linux (Red Hat) and Windows (because some components require Windows).  I hope to build not just Connections but IBM Docs, Forms Experience Builder, an external user model as well as Mail and Sametime integration. There’s also a few 3rd party products out there I think are definitely worth you looking into and there is some guest blogging on the cards too.

This isn’t IBM documentation.  The IBM Knowledge Centre is very good and even crops up in Google searches now – this is to help you fill in the gaps, to help you get confidence about how simple this can be and hopefully get you excited about what’s out there.

Let’s get started..

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