The WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console

Once WebSphere is installed I want to do two things, login to the admin interface and backup the environment so I have a “start point”

WebSphere’s admin interface is called the Integrated Solutions Console and is the same regardless of what product you are working with.

To login to the ISC

:9060 which is the non secure port will redirect to 9043


Login here using the credentials created during the original WebSphere install, these credentials are created and stored in the WebSphere default repository during install (and will always be your “backdoor” into the server).


Once logged in I know that WebSphere is correctly installed and running and I can logout and move onto my next task and come back to here later.


At this point, and before I start further configuration I like to take a backup of the WebSphere environment.  This is simple to do using the backupconfig command.

From the Dmgr profile location
/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/bin type
./ /opt/Backups/ -nostop

The location and filename of the backup can be anything.

The -nostop option tells WebSphere not to stop its services before it does a backup.  By default it will stop the Dmgr to avoid anyone making any updates whilst it is backing up but since I know I am the only one working on here I’m happy to take a “live” backup instead.



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